Hyperion® Truck Cover with Solar Charger- Size 9

You trust your truck to get you where you want to go, whether it’s across town or across country. With a Hyperion® Truck Cover, you know your truck will be safe from any harsh elements when it’s not in use. And with the built-in solar charger, the battery will be maintained at an optimal level, giving you additional peace of mind.

PROTECT YOUR PICKUP: Shield your truck from weather damage, dust and scratches as well as theft and vandalism while keeping your truck battery at an optimized charge with our solar panel truck covers

SOLAR CHARGE: This outdoor truck cover features a 12W 12V integrated solar panel to help maintain an optimal charge for your truck battery, perfect for those who live in harsher, more intense climates

ALL SEASON PROTECTION: Keep your truck safe from UV sun damage in the spring and summer and snow, hail, and ice in winter with our waterproof, weatherproof covers for pickup trucks up to 264” long

HEAVY DUTY: Built to be extra durable and withstand harsh weather 365 days a year, our protective pickup truck covers are lightweight with a waterproof exterior and a soft oxford cloth lining interior

EASY TO USE: Connect the battery to the controller using the included ring terminals, connect the controller to the solar panel, insert the panel into its pouch, and slide the cover over your vehicle
Keep your truck safe from the harsh outdoors with a protective solar panel truck cover from Hyperion! All year long, your truck is susceptible to damage from cruel conditions, animals, or even people. Covering your truck is the first line of defense and provides critical protection for your vehicle.

Unlike others who think that protecting your truck from inclement weather starts and ends with the exterior, we know keeping what’s under the hood working as intended is just as important. Cold temperatures are a truck battery’s worst enemy, but they don’t have to be! We’ve integrated a 12V 12W Battery Tender solar panel into our covers that connects to your truck battery so you can use the environment to charge your battery instead of draining it!

You rely on your vehicle year-round, so this cover is built to handle everything that Mother Nature throws at it all year long! With an operating temperature of -40 to 176 deg. F, our solar controller can be relied upon to handle all temperatures. The cover offers superior UV resistance in the summer to prevent oxidation and helps winterize your vehicle by neutralizing threats like snow, ice, and hail.

Only the best materials can withstand all weather conditions to fully protect your pickup truck. This cover features extreme performance fabric with a waterproof exterior and an oxford cloth interior lining that is gentle on your vehicle. The cover measures 264 x 80 x 66” and has elastic-lined front and rear hems along with straps and a buckle at the front and rear bottom for a secure fit. When not in use, pack the cover in the included gym or storage bag for easy carrying on the go!

Simply attach the included ring terminal cable harness from the battery to the solar panel to utilize the panel’s charging power and pull the cover over your truck to protect and power your truck simultaneously!

WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm -www.P65Warnings.ca.gov