Hyperion Lift-Assist™ Portable Tire Inflator

SKU: 044-1002-HY-WH
Cordless and rechargeable portable tire inflator. Great for vehicle tires, inflatable toys and balls, motorcycle and bike tires.

8 minutes to inflate from flat to full for a standard vehicle tire. 0 to 35 PSI for a 195/65 R15 tire.

Digital display shows current PSI and preset pressure setting.
- Tire inflator
- Rechargeable lithium battery pack
- Battery pack charging cord
- Three adaptors
- Nylon zipper pouch

Additional removable rechargeable battery packs available for purchase.

- Maximum pressure: 100 PSI- Maximum airflow:18 LPM
- Cord length: 15.5" long with steel adaptor
- Working voltage: 7.4 volts
- Max current: 8 AMPs
- Battery capacity: 14.8 Wh
- Weight: 1.98 lbs
- Size: 9.29 x 6.18 x 2.84 in